Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Oak Lawn Immigration Attorney - Is "Illegal Immigrants" a Taboo Word?

The term "illegal immigrant" is the controversial term for many years. This term is brought up feelings that have offended some and rallied others. Like most things there are two sides to the coin. On the one side, the term "illegal immigrants" has been intended to be derogatory and degrading. Individuals who use the term "illegal immigrants" to dehumanize individuals will come into the country through an unauthorized checkpoint or individuals who've overstayed their visa requirements. The dehumanization of "illegal immigrants" has come about for two reasons. The first reason is to garner support for political purposes. Those hoping to alter the immigration policy of the United States, use the term "illegal immigrants" for their own political benefit so that it appears the damage being done this individuals who do not matter. The attempt to dehumanize "illegal immigrants" is an attempt to appear that there are no individual suffering from deportation or, that those who suffer from deportation to not have a say in the matter because of their actions in the first place. As a result, those being deported have gotten what they deserve.

The second usage of the term "illegal immigrants" is an attempt to properly classify this group of people so they can be categorized and placed into a class. One main problem with categorizing this class of individual is that any term could eventually become derogatory and the most accurate classification difficult to ascertain. The term illegal immigrants first refers to, someone who enter the country for an unauthorized checkpoint or second is overstayed their visa. The term immigrant, the first to someone who intends to stay within the country or make the United States their home. The basic thought for an immigrant is that they have the intention to reside within the country, which differentiates them from a tourist who only intends to remain within the country for a short period of time. Many other terms such as, "undocumented aliens" have been tossed around. The term "undocumented aliens" I said to be less derogatory, but that is most likely because it is not common phrase of the moment. Categorization of people were in illegal status or an undocumented status of the moment is important for a number of reasons. The main reason this is important so that that class of individuals have legislation that will move their position forward towards a possible naturalization or lawful permanent resident status. Additionally, the classification of individuals into a class will allow statisticians and economists to more accurately reflect their impact throughout the country. By identifying the impact of undocumented or illegal individuals brought the country, the United States and its citizens better determine the impact they will have on the economy, the social welfare state, and the society in general. It is important that we can classify individuals so that we can accurately determine their numbers and provide for them in whatever manner we deem most unofficial for America and the individuals within the class.

Whatever term eventually wins out will have to create a balance between political correctness, accuracy, and efficiency. With any classification of the group of people, there is always a risk that the classification itself become derogatory. This is particularly true when classifying individuals based on race, creed, national origin. It seems that whenever a classification of individuals appears some faction of society always tries to attach a negative connotation to it. With the term "illegal immigrants" the group of individuals who make up this class are a unique set of characters. The reason for this is that the "illegal immigrants" consist of a multitude of races, creeds, and national origins. By having such a diverse group of individuals make up this class, the derogatory feature that a subgroup of society intends to attach to the term "illegal immigrants" is more difficult to attribute to any individual who falls within that class than would be to someone who falls under a class based upon, for example, say race. The primary reason for this is that individuals who fall within this class are not easily identifiable based upon skin color or facial features. It is difficult to determine who may fall into this class without knowing the background of that individual or the supporting identification may have determine whether they fall into that class or not. In fact, the only way to determine if someone falls within that class is to ask for papers or documentation. The mere fact that someone can enter into the class or, by contrast, the class by the application to a government entity makes the class unique. The unfortunate part is that many people are grouped into this class would not otherwise be based upon a preconceived notion that their race, creed, or national origin would put them into this class. This unfortunately improperly classifies many individuals as "illegal immigrants" who are either not illegal immigrants, but legal immigrants, or individuals were not even immigrants at all. People might be classified this way based upon the color of their skin, even if they were US-born national. However this term ends up being portrayed, you can be sure of one thing. Political groups will make this a hot button issue for the upcoming election and probably for many years to come. I welcome your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below, and look forward to seeing how this term is categorizing the future.

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